Hello! My name is Tith Sin, I'm the print-maker and artist behind POPBYTS.

Since founded POPBYTS in 2012, I've been creating art and functional art products that has ( a sense of ) playfulness with combining my love for plants, colors, nature and my surroundings. I design, cut, sew and hand print in my at-home-studio in my attic which I've dubbed the "Design Attic."

Based in Portland, Oregon.

Tith Sin



POPBYTS a online shop specializes in unique and modern, BOHO inspired handmade textiles, posters and art. We offer original playful bold designs in digital designs, linocut and screen print. Inspired by colors, plants and nature.

The name “Popbyts” comes from a combination of the words pop and bite.

Pop: a bright or prominent burst of something

Bite: to grip or to press onto something

Popbyts: work by T.S. ( Tith Sin)


Currently, He's been exploring and experimenting with different mediums and found a new passion for screen printing on fabrics -- the results is his explorations in home goods designing. Recently, he had launched his new series of tea towels and napkins influenced by a mix of contemporary meets bohemian aesthetics with strong inspirations by nature, shapes and colors. You can see his latest work of home goods printmaking designs in his shop now!

Additionally, Tith enjoys listening to array of music, traveling, fashion, photography and exploring Portland's food carts and restaurants. (Follow along on his adventures and behind-the-scenes process by visiting journal or Instagram)

So please, take your time and browse around his shop. If you have any questions, please contact Tith for POPBYTS. 

We also offer wholesale/large-order. Feel free to inquire through the "Contact" tab for details.

POPBYTS is looking forward to doing business with you and thank you for giving Tith the opportunity to bring his work into your home!